Our story

A few minutes from León, a few kilometers from the historic town of Santa Ana del Conde, Trinity Station nestles among laurel trees, a spot where the Grupo Trinitate workshops have been planted.

Place where a triad of elements inhabits: peace, nature and time. With this trinity of inspirations, we created works here to try to return that ancient tradition in which art was not separated from everyday life, nor was it housed only in museums, when works of art flowed from the magical hands of artisans. In Trinitate we think that beauty does not have to be the patrimony of a few, nor does it require great studies to be implanted in our mind.

In Trinitate, ceramics invites us to see it with different eyes and discover that its possibilities are as rich as imagination, which with nobility becomes not only the roof tile, but also takes the form of a Greek sculpture, a macetón to contain the piñanonas in our patios, in a cup in which we enjoy a delicious coffee or the tableware whose presence make the family coexistence richer and accompany us in the festive daily ritual of sharing bread.

Graciela Orozco Pacheco founder and director of Trinitate. Nativa de León, Guanajuato, Mexico began her career as a secretary of management at Banca Serfin, then obtained the position of advertising supervisor of the center division in charge of 30 branches. Later he made a study trip to Montreal, Canada and on his return he dedicated himself to advertising creating the successful agency Gaiser Publicidad.

At the end of the 80's he opened a trading store for pots from Guadalajara and in 1991, as an entertainment, he started to make his own pots. In 1992 he founded Ceramistas Unidos and started to market his own brand Ceramica Renacimiento.

The same year he retired from the advertising agency and devoted his time to managing the factory business of pots in series. Between 1995 and 2005 he focused on export working with American partners, also had participation in international fairs such as Maison & Objet and Tendence in Germany, thanks to these fairs were achieved exports to Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa and Central America. In the year 2000, wanting to return to her original idea of ​​developing artistic concepts in clay and to rescue ancestral manufacturing techniques such as lathe, Graciela opens Trinitate Art and Crafts workshops.

In 2003, the Trinitate brand was commercialized.

Trinitate specializes in Object Art, large format pieces, sculpture, fine china and pots. With the Trinitate brand we had presence in exclusive permanent showrooms in the United States, New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

In 2010, Graciela Orozco began the development of high temperature lines. While continuing to export to the United States and Europe, it continues with the goal of developing the national market. To this end, it takes the decision to open its own stores and sell directly to its customers.

In his factory shop, he creates the concept of the "Trinitate" Store-Show that unites all the products of the Trinitate Group (Texas The Eagle, Ceramic Renaissance and Trinitate), knowing that our customers are all very sensitive to the beauty and harmony of its environment, the model of the Shop-Showroom, made us the ideal way to present our products, we try to have a welcoming gallery environment: a place where our customers can come to spend a good time ".

Just like the heat that emanates from our ovens, the passion and love we feel for ceramics and our traditions are authenticated in works of art that evoke luxury and elegance mixed with the simplicity of designs that we carefully create in our workshops. Same that can be appreciated and purchased in our Trinitate Stores-Showroom.